Welcome to Padampur

Padampur is a village development committee in Chitwan District in the Narayani Zone of southern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 8884 people living in 1559 individual households.it was transferred in new location named Saguntol by Government of Nepal and completed with in 8 years i.e. from 2050 BS to 2058BS. previously it was at the lap of Rapati river and inside the Chitwan National Park . flood of Rapati river in monsoon season destroy farmers crops . wild animalS also harmed their crops . Transportation, electricity, road and educational facilities were beyond people's access. It was known as one of the remote areas of the Chitwan district . In a view of agriculture, It was the best place for farmers . After the new dawn of democracy in 2046, New government was asked to shift this village for peoples safety and conservation of forest and wild animal . The cabinet of Girija Prasad Koirala was assured to shift in a convenience place soon and started the task immediately . The late Sailaja Acharya visited the people and understood their griefs and proposed to shift it next to Sagoontol near Jutpani VDC . This was a very difficult task to accomplish successfully .People from the Western Chitwan were stood against it but government took bold decision in favour of people of Padampur . Now it is about 2.5 km east to Bharatpur, district headquarters of Chitwan . Electricity, roads and transportation facility are comparatively better here . 2800 house holds were there now .According to the 2001 census, the total population of the VDC was 11336 with total households 2137 (Immigration increased rapidly after relocation by almost 50% with in 10 years reaching 3,231 households consisting 14,924 people). Tharus are the dominant ethnic group with 45.89% of the total VDC population. Brahman, Kshetri, Tamang, Gurung and Newar are other castes here. Mainly banana, maize and oil are farmed here. Except ward no 1 there are deep tubewells to Irrigate farmlands. Poultry, dairy , epiculture, mushroom farming and goat keeping have great potentials here. A campus, A higher secondary school ,a secondary boarding school and other 7 primary and lower secondary schools are providing education here. Health post,and Post office are too doing their best for providing services to locals . Drinking water is provided in better and modern way .(pipelines of drinking water are available within all roads ((113 KM)) of Padampur. An NGO veterinary office is also serving and helping farmers . Since last 5 years this VDC is starting to be known as one of pocket areas of commercial banana farming of the nation. Nobody is landless here and this is the special feature here. Padampur is very attractive location for migratory view and daily people are migrating here. it is like a colonial place for settlement of people . Government has sifted it in a well planned way and that's why it is the second model VDC of Nepal (first is In Bardiya district).

Educational Institutions
Name of Institution AddressPhone No:
Kamalpur Ni.Ma.Vi.Padampur-1 +977 9800000000
Shree Ra.Pra.Vi, Sahapur Padampur-2+977 9800000000
Chitrawan H.S.S.Padampur-3 +977 9800000000
Shaheed Smriti Multiple CollegePadampur-4 +977 9800000000
Shree Bhimodaya H.S.S Padampur-4+977 9855062731
Shree Ra.Pra.Vi, BankattaPadampur-8 +977 9800000000
Padampur Shiksha Niketan Padampur-9+977 9800000000
Shree Ni. Ma. Vi, Gadauli Padampur-9+977 9800000000

Governmental Organizations
Name Address Phone No
Police OfficePadampur-3 +977 9800000000
Health PostPadampur-4 +977 9800000000
Veterinary OfficePadampur-9 +977 9800000000
Post OfficePadampur-4 +977 9800000000